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2017-05-21 @rgbudapest

Secretary of State for Sports and the President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee visited the European Championships

Dr. Krisztián Kulcsár, the President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and Dr. Tünde Szabó, Secretary of State for sport of the Ministry of Human Capacities visited the 33rd Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The two high-ranking sports leaders – who were overjoyed with the great Hungarian performance – were guests of honour for Dr. Zoltán Magyar, President of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation and Dr. Judit Körmendy-Ékes, President of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.

’I came to see the European Championships with my 7-year-old daughter, Karolina. She knows all feminine sports, saw the TV broadcast and was adamant that she wanted to watch this spectacular and beautiful sport live as well. Congratulations for the organisers, because they are doing a splendid job. I’ve heard from UEG’s representatives that this is the best organisation in the history of the European Championships. I’m happy that day by day the number of fans in the Arena is growing, as far as I know there will be a capacity crowd on Sunday. This is a further proof that we need big sporting events in Hungary. Last year there were 70 international sporting events in Hungary, we are supporting 81 events this year and there are already registrations for a further 51 events for next year. The word will spread all over the world on Hungary being great hosts and they carry good news of this competition as well. All the Hungarians working at the event – be it a sports leader, athlete, coach, media experts, organisers – did a spectacular job resulting in a sporting event of the highest excellence’ – told Secretary of State Dr. Tünde Szabó.

‘A mere two weeks after the EHF Women’s Handball Champions’ League Final Four I’m out again in the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna, and I’m really happy that another big sporting event drew a big crowd. It was great to get to know the field of gymnasts and see the very best rhythmic gymnasts of Europe. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport with judging, so there is a huge importance of how the Hungarian Federation can represent itself in the international federations. The Hungarian Olympic Committee and me are dedicated to give full support for this. The organisation has been wonderful, everything worked perfectly. I’d like to give special thanks for the volunteers who contributed greatly to the success of this event’ – said Dr. Krisztián Kulcsár, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.