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2017-02-21 @rgbudapest

Rhythmic gymnastics in spotlight

The European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, that is held in Budapest in May, has got a three episode part on a television program. Until the continent championships the Silver Javelin Special Award winner program called Szökkenő vándor will present the rhytmic gymnastics on television. The broadcasts will be available on Sport1, Sport2 and SportM channels.

Reflektorfényben a ritmikus gimnasztika

Rhythmic gymnstics will get more spotlight in the next period waiting up on us thanks to the host of the Szökkenő vándor, Dr. Zoltán Magyar’s suggestion. It was Deutsch-Lazsányi Erika’s, the Head of the Technical Committee of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, idea that Claudia Kaszala the presenter of Szökkenő vándor should visit clubs and professional gymnasts each show. The program will not only be about professional sport, it will also give an insight into the recreational side of rhythmic gymanstics. The main programs will always be on the third Sunday in every month (February 19.,March 19., and April 16.) on Sport1. Following this will be relay broadcasts of the program on Sport2 and SportM. Rhythmic gymnastics has never had its own permanant magazine program in Hungary, and has never been showed in such big footage. Moreover Szökkenő vádor, for the past few years has been one of the most viewed magazine shows on Sport television, it has a huge prestige in the circle of gymnasts, the clubs are competing to get on the show.

Troughout the three shows they will introduce the pyramid system of rhythmic gymnastics: ESMTK-recreational sport, Pécs-country base, recreational sport and professional sport, and MTK-professional sport. The creators of the show, in reflection of the pyramid above, started the shooting at ESMTK, on Thursday, February 9th, where next to many others Körmendy-Ékes Judit, the President of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation also gave an interview. The broadcasts in the near future will also be available here.

The first program’s rerun:

February 22 – SportM 03:30
February 23 – SportM 05:30
February 24 – Sport2 – 10:30
February 25 – SportM – 09:30
February 26 – SportM – 13:30
March 2 – SportM – 11:30
March 4 – SportM – 21:30
March 6 – SportM – 0:30