2017-03-07 @rgbudapest

The draw for the European rhythmic gymnastics championships

The European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) held the draw for the European rhythmic gymnastics championships in May. At the press conference in Budapest we found out that on the opening day of the continental championships Hungary’s adult team will be in the second group, and 15th to perform their routine. The junior team will be the 4th to compete in the qualifying round.

RGEB 2017 - Sorsolás

Heide Bruneder, head of the technical committee of the European rhythmic gymnastics federation, said that the UEG continues to be pleased with the work of the organizing committee. “We are constantly in dialogue with each other and, I believe, the Hungarians doing well with the preparations. The draw was held in a good atmosphere. In addition to others, we also involved the press in the drawing of countries and the order of performance numbers.” –said the sports director.

Körmendy-Ékes Judit, the president of the Hungarian Federation was pleased with the draw. „In this sport everyone is trying to avoid performing first. I am happy that we are the 15th to perform, but it would have been better to recive a higher number with the juniors, all in all I am not dissappointed.” –concluded Körmendy-Ékes Judit.

The European-championships will be organized from May 19th to the 21st at Papp László Budapest Sportarena.

Photos: Kovács Anikó

RgEb 2017 – Draw