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Media accreditation
You can pick up your media accreditation at the Media Welcome Desk in the Press Centre situated at gate F4 of the Papp Laszlo Arena. You enter the Arena at gate F1 where the volunteers will let through all journalists who are on the accredited list after checking their press card / ID. From gate F1 it’s about 150 metres to F4. There will be a security check before reaching the Welcome Desk where your accreditation will be waiting for you. Together with the media accreditation, you will also receive the media handbook.

Official media hotel
Hotel Hungaria City Center is the official media hotel. The LOC will provide free shuttle buses for accredited media. If one should come from the official media hotel by the shuttle buses, they also arrive to gate F1. They will find the schedule of the shuttle bus at the hotel, for the first time before getting in to the bus they have to show their Press Cards, after that they can travel with the accreditation.

Parking spaces
Coming by car? You can use the free media parking lots at Syma Csarnok. Before picking up your accreditation, you have access upon showing your press card, later on with your accreditation. From the media parking lot you walk to gate F1 of the Papp Laszlo Arena from where you follow the directions above.

Opening hours Press centre (includes media Welcome Desk)
Wednesday 17 May:  9:00-22:00
Thursday 18 May: 9:00-22:00
Friday 19 May: 9:00-22:30
Saturday 20 May: 10:00-22:30
Sunday 21 May: 9:00-19:00

Head of Media
Kaszala Claudia
Telephone:  +36/30-747-4137
E-mail: rgsajto@gmail.com

19 to 21 May, 2017

Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

Accreditation for Gymnasts



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