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Budapest panoráma
Budapest fotómontázs

Hungary is a country situated in Central-Eastern Europe with numerous beautiful regions and lots of possibilities to discover, like the capital itself, Budapest.

With the two million inhabitants it’s the most populous city of Hungary, one of the largest cities in the European Union and sometimes described as the primate city of Hungary. Budapest is the most visited tourist destination in Hungary and it is also a well-known cultural, artistic and sports centre.

The city lies on the two embankments of the river Danube, on one side surrounded by hills – Buda, on the other we have a plain – Pest.

On ancient field of Roman civilization the beautiful Royal Palace is watching down to the river. In remarkable caves and medieval streets of Buda side you can hear about stories and legends of thousand year’s Hungarian history. In the row of different baths you can enjoy a refreshing swimming in natural thermal water.

On the dynamic Pest side you can sink into every day’s life by experiencing the cultural life of the locals in an atmosphere of the 19th century. Among museums.and grand boulevards the largest parliament building in Europe controls the riverside, flea markets, bookstores, antique stores and café houses invite you for having an unforgettable memory.

Dividing, but still connecting old with new, high with low, noisy with silent…

Budapest – a real experience for a lifetime!

19 to 21 May, 2017

Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

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